Composite Photography a la Dee Graphiques

I had a request from some nice fellows to show some examples of my composite photography work, and I realized that I should post more of my personal work. I decided to make a fresh new composite photography sample for the fellows that evening and I'm quite happy with the outcome.

My process went like this:

  • hunted free images with the help of great keyword searches
  • imported each image to its own layer in Adobe Photoshop
  • I personally like to rasterize each image to work directly with the image (in comparison to smart objects) ... hey, to each his own. So I rasterized all the layers.
  • masked out the unneeded parts of each image on each layer with a layer mask
  • adjusted image quality to merge well with each layer (saturation, contrast, color cast, and lots more ...)
  • cloned, spot healed, dodged & burned ... whatever it took to make it look as if the layer belonged there LOL
  • cropped to compliment the final composite

Voila ... another masterpiece of fine art created "a la Dee Graphiques". I hope to make video tutorials one day about this photography style.

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